Wealth Management FAQ’s
What do you invest in?
  • Australian and international listed companies
  • Fixed income securities (hybrids and corporate bonds)
  • Managed funds (both listed and unlisted)
  • Passive investments (such as index-linked ETFs that track the broader market)
  • Small and emerging businesses (both private and publicly listed)
How do I become a Seneca client?
The first step is to contact us for a discussion. Just click here.
How much do you charge for initial consultations and follow up meetings?
Initial consultations and ongoing meetings are free of charge. Our fees are tiered, as a percentage of the value of your investment portfolio. If a situation arises that may attract additional charges you will always be notified and quoted in advance.
How does personal advice vary from general advice?
General advice tends to be based on promoting in-house stocks and financial products. Personal advice, which is our preferred approach, is specific to your circumstances and investment aspirations. You can find our more on the MoneySmart website,
What asset classes do you invest in?
We invest in Australian and International direct shares, corporate bonds, hybrids and other fixed interest securities, private equity and venture capital. We also utilise specialist listed and unlisted funds, index funds, term deposits and cash products.
Can I choose ethical investments?
As your investments are held in a Managed Account (MDA) or your own discrete investment portfolio, we can tailor your investment strategy to include your ethical preferences.
Can you help me with my existing portfolio of shares?
Yes, but you’ll need to be a client before we can provide you with any advice.
Can you facilitate the transfer and/or sale of assets relating to a deceased estate?
Yes, we have a highly experienced specialist in deceased estate matters who can facilitate fast turnarounds and precise execution. Our fees vary depending on the complexity of the estate. For an obligation-free quote, please click here here
Do you invest in overseas securities?
Yes, we can invest directly by buying shares in listed companies and also indirectly by investing money in fund managers who specialise in overseas markets. We see it as a key part of generating returns and diversifying risk.
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