Three way to play property

Ben Richards

Investment Analyst

Three ways to play ASX property shares on ausbiz

Ben Richards of Seneca Financial Solutions explores three ways to engage with property using ASX shares. Ben underlines Goodman Group (GMG) as a leader in industrial property, primarily warehouses, distribution centres, and data centres. He highlights the REIT sector as a clean pathway to gain varied exposure to the property market. Goodman Group, in particular, offers promising returns due to founder Greg Goodman’s drive to compound capital for shareholders.

Pexa Group (PXA) is another company on Ben’s radar, which provides a unique opportunity to play the property/housing scene. Despite a decline in its shares’ value, Ben believes the company is undervalued given its exposure to rebound in volumes and its potential expansion into the UK. Even in the face of initial losses, Ben shares the optimism for Pexa’s success in the UK, based on its progress in digitising the market.

Finally, Ben introduces Australian Finance Group (AFG) as a company transitioning from mortgage brokering to writing its own loans, providing another layer of exposure to the mortgage lending market. Relative to traditional banks, non-bank lenders offer an attractive alternative with AFG setting a commendable example. With a promise of good dividends and potential rebound, AFG is an option for keen eyes.