Three stocks off Buffett’s plate

Ben Richards

Investment Analyst

Ben Richards from Seneca Financial Solutions offers his perspective on Warren Buffett’s move to amp up his stake in a U.S. LNG plant from 25% to 75%, inspiring interest around similar energy-focused investments. He turns attention towards Santos, an Australian oil and gas giant, highlighting its multiple high-return potential projects.

Ben suggests that Santos might present a profitable opportunity amid the current energy investment climate. He pivots to the resources and lithium sector, in particular, he shines a light on the stock Alkem, which he views as undervalued despite its advanced lithium projects. Key interest points are presented as the merging of two Alkem assets – the Hard Rock Mount Catalan and the South American brine Olleros. His analysis concludes with a mention of insurance broker AB Group.

The potential for bullish tailwinds aided by inflation-linked premiums and exclusion of natural disaster-related risk render AUB Group as a sturdy bet for promising returns. Recalling how Warren Buffet cleverly used insurance as a wealth growth strategy, Ben indicates that AUB Group reflects similar potential.

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