Three stock picks for dividend returns

Ben Richards

Investment Analyst

Ben Richards from Seneca emphasizes the value of integrating dividend yields into investment portfolios and shares his observations on the current market landscape. Ben points out that companies in the Australian market, such as the big four banks and BHP, frequently trade at a premium owing to their consistent dividend income. With bond yields diminishing and potential shifts in inflation and rates, Ben states that investor interest in dividends will likely remain robust.

Ben identifies three stocks for those focused on dividends: APA Group (APA), GQG Partners (GQG), and Deterra Royalties (DRR). He comments on APA Group, an infrastructure firm, boasts a solid history of increasing dividends and a compelling valuation. Next Ben mentions, GQG Partners, a global fund manager, has demonstrated remarkable growth, with net inflows totaling $5 billion and a dividend yield slightly above 8%. Finally, Deterra Royalties, a mining royalty enterprise, provides investors with exposure to the mining sector without the related risks. The company’s attractive 7% fully-franked dividend yield and promising growth prospects make it an appealing choice for investors seeking both income and stability.

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