Three lithium stocks for 2023

Luke Laretive

CEO & Investment Advisor

Lithium stocks are down 15-50% over the past 3 months, while prices for lithium continue to make new highs, now in excess of US$80,000/t. Luke Laretive from Seneca Financial Services told ausbiz that despite this, the sector holds good opportunities for investors in 2023. Luke shared his ‘lithium thesis’ with ausbiz, as well as options for investors who are keen on the sector.

Turning to his preferred stocks, Luke named Vulcan Energy Resources (VUL), Liontown Resources (LTR) and Galan Lithium (GLN). He says Vulcan is extremely undervalued. On Liontown, Luke says it’s a really good business that will continue to attract interest. Turning to Galan Lithium, he says they have access to a high grade rescource in Argentina.

Luke says investors should look to companies that have fantastic assets that will eventually become producers, but won’t start producing until at least 2024.

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