Our Expertise

We protect and grow our client’s hard-earned wealth, building and managing diversified, bespoke investment portfolios, comprised of a curated range of opportunities from around the world.

We offer our clients


We are data-driven, empirical investors who protect and grow capital over the long-term.

This is achieved through disciplined investment decision making, applied to a culture of continuous improvement, in which we utilise rigorous, in-house research based on data of the highest quality.

Our clients expect this iterative process results in a clearly articulated investment thesis, specific and aligned portfolio composition and a clear risk management framework that can guide our decisions, even in the most turbulent of market conditions.


Our business is designed to only service a specific and select clientele. Seneca’s boutique structure allows us to flexibly tailor our service and investment solutions to each client’s unique requirements.

We won’t be a perfect fit for everyone, but those clients that do choose to work with us benefit from our exceptional service standards.

As a client, you can expect our staff to know you, and appreciate your unique circumstances. Administration queries and instructions will be quickly and professionally handled, and resolutions will be clearly communicated.

Our clients expect their financial adviser to advise them, not a junior account manager or associate.


Seneca is owned and operated by our management team and staff, with no influence from external investors or shareholders. We operate under our own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No. 492686) and our investment universe is only constrained by our internal Investment Committee’s stringent due diligence process.

Our success is wholly a function of our client’s success. As a result, we apply the same level of exceptional skill, care and stewardship to our own business and personal wealth, as we do to yours.

We invest alongside our clients in our own solutions and choose to invest in businesses, and with managers, who are similarly aligned and incentivised.

Our Clients


Successful private business owners

Ambitious Professionals

Discerning Family Offices

Our Services

Regardless of your requirements, all Seneca clients can expect clear and regular communication from their adviser, efficient and knowledgeable administration support and professional excellence in our areas of expertise.
Financial Structuring & Planning

After-tax risk-adjusted returns should be the focus of all investment decisions. Ensuring you and your family have the appropriate vehicles and legal entities to minimise tax, protect assets and manage intergenerational wealth is critical to your lifestyle and family legacy outcomes.

Practically, this may include holistic or targeted advice around transitioning to or planning for retirement, generating income to support your lifestyle, or assisting other family members to achieve their goals. Advice regarding superannuation contribution strategies (including SMSF), intra-family loans, establishing a family trust, private ancillary fund (PAF) or charities as well as more formalised estate planning.

For family businesses, this work is often centred around succession and/or an important liquidity event such as a partial or complete business sale, third-party investment, or management buyout. Using our experience and extensive networks, we can advise family businesses on their options, introduce investors, and assist in coordinating a transaction in the best interests of the family.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Articulating your specific short, medium and long-term investment objectives, and constructing a portfolio of assets that gives you the very best chance of exceeding them, requires careful planning and ongoing professional portfolio management.

By establishing clear and agreed benchmarks for success, and evidence-based methods for course correction, we assist clients in navigating the global financial markets with confidence and clarity.

Prospective clients are often hamstrung by excessive diversification or concentration, destroying potential returns without reducing risk, or bearing excessive risk, without adequate compensation. Professional disciplines around portfolio construction, manager/investment selection and clear, stable objectives help minimise behavioural biases and allow our advisers (and clients) to cut through the noise and provide actionable, timely recommendations.

Investment Advice

In an ever-changing and increasingly complex global economy, Seneca’s advisers assist you to filter through the noise to uncover investment opportunities from around the world.

We can help generate additional lifestyle income in retirement, diversify beyond your private business, complement your investment property portfolio or simply accelerate your net worth with a professionally managed portfolio of Australian and International Shares, Fixed Income (Bonds) and other investments with low or no correlation with traditional investment markets.

Australian Shares

All ASX-listed companies

IPO & Placement Opportunities

ASX-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) – over 200 funds.

Exchange Traded Options (ETO’s), Warrants

International Shares

Direct access to 15 major international markets

US, Europe, Developed Asia

International ETF’s – over 8000 funds globally.

Property & Infrastructure

Regulated and Unregualted Utilties

Infrastructure – Rail, Road, Port, Pipeline, Data Centre.

Renewable generation, storage and distribution.

Real Estate – Office, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Residential.

Fixed income/ Bonds

Local and global opportunities

Investment grade corporate and government

High yield bonds

Hybrids and preference shares

Private credit

Absolute Return Strategies

Hedge Funds

Global Systematic Macro

Managed Futures

Equity Long/Short



Water rights

Agricultural Assets

Direct Property & Infrastructure

Private Equity

Private Debt

Venture Capital



Curated Opportunities

Seneca operates an institutional-grade stockbroking desk allowing us to take advantage of short and medium-term market mispricing opportunities.

Our advisers can provide you access to these unique data-driven insights, and work with you to exploit the prevailing market conditions using our live market access.

Finance & Lending

Whether be an investment property or family home, Seneca can assist our clients in securing a loan with competitive terms, utilising our partnership with AFG, Australia’s largest loan aggregation platform.


We conduct our own in-house investment research, with specialist staff and proprietary systems, processes, and sources of information.

Seneca also has access to investment research from the majority of investment banks, stockbroking firms and independent consultants operating in Australia. We compare, contrast, and analyse the underlying assumptions, biases and forecasts of market participants in a bid to identify topics or relative points of consensus, contention, or conviction.

Our research team then seek to identify exploitable differences – the gap between our view and the consensus opinion – where we have an opportunity to generate extraordinary returns.

Primary data & analyst provider

Primary data & analyst provider

Investment Products

Seneca offer a range of leading investment products to help clients maximise returns and minimise risk for their given lifestyle and long-term goals.

Investment Philosophy

No single company is fortunate to have access to the best investment talent, across every investment sector and every desirable market. And they all certainly don’t live in the same country.

As a result, we combine low-cost in-house investment management, in our areas of expertise with the very best external professionals in, regardless of where they work, optimised as portfolios by the Seneca Investment Team

Regardless of whether we are managing direct investments, or a portfolio of funds our philosophy remains the same: