Luke’s top three high dividend yield picks for 2024

Luke Laretive

CEO & Investment Advisor

Key points:

  • Confidence in GQG is based on its stable revenue stream and exceptional past performance

  • With the IVF sector growing, Monash IVF Services is projected to continue its positive performance

  • Despite challenges in the commercial property sector, Dexus is believed to present unique and undervalued opportunities

Luke Laretive from Seneca Financial Solutions provides insights on his top three dividend yield picks for 2024. Firstly, Luke expresses his confidence in GQG Partners (GQG), a global fund manager. He highlights the company’s revenue source being management fees rather than performance fees, resulting in more stable earnings and dividends. He also notes GQG’s exceptional performance over the past 24 months, attracting significant investor interest.

Luke’s second pick is Monash IVF (MVF), an IVF provider benefitting from the trend of individuals delaying family planning. He points out that Monash, possessing 20% market share in Australia, is experiencing potential earnings growth and strong cash conversion. This, he believes, is leading to sustained and growing dividends.

Lastly, Luke discusses Dexus (DXS), a commercial property company facing mixed sentiments due to the current state of the commercial property sector. Despite these concerns, he notes Dexus’s high-quality portfolio of office assets and its underappreciated funds management business. In conclusion, Luke views Dexus as a unique opportunity, trading at a significant discount which he predicts will close over time.