Luke’s lucrative small, mid and large cap buys

Luke Laretive

CEO & Investment Advisor

Luke’s lucrative small, mid and large cap buys on ausbiz

Luke Laretive from Seneca Financial Solutions gives us a small, mid and large cap to consider for your portfolio. He examines the intriguing prospects of James Bay Minerals in the hotly contested lithium sector in Canada. The company, newly minted, stands out with an interesting project that shows indications of high-grade deposits. Luke perceives Allkem is worth consideration as a potential investment opportunity, despite some recent depreciation in value. Given its compelling growth profile and suggestion of stabilised lithium prices with potential to surge due to high demand and low supply, Luke sees it as promisingly alluring. And outside of lithium, Luke’s mid cap pick is Pexa, the Australian property settlement platform positioned as a dominant market player’ Luke sees it as an engaging tech enterprise poised to launch in the UK. This assures extension into a larger market sphere with commendable growth opportunities. Notwithstanding some unsettledness concerning property markets, Luke says the supreme business model and software of Pexa, augmented with its prospective UK growth potential, forecasts a promising trajectory for this company.