Four healthcare stocks to weather the storm

Ben Richards

Investment Analyst

Healthcare can provide investors security in uncertain times. Companies such as ResMed (RMD), CSL (CSL), Monash IVF (MVF), and Healius (HLS) are in high demand due to the ageing population and the need for healthcare services.

Ben Richards from Seneca Financial Solutions says ResMed has seen a boost in market share due to a competitor’s product recall, while CSL has been affected by the pandemic, but is well positioned for growth.

Ben says Monash IVF is a lesser known company, but offers good value and potential growth in Southeast Asia. He says Healius is in an interesting position due to the COVID-19 testing, but investors should be cautious with gold stocks as they are volatile and hard to predict.

The Healius share price is up after a takeover bid was launched by rival Australian Clinical Labs (ACL).

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