Cut to the Core (lithium)

Luke Laretive

CEO & Investment Advisor

Luke Laretive from Seneca Financial Solutions offers his insights on the Australian lithium sector and Core’s recent downturn.

He observes that Core was a popular pick among online retail brokers but expresses skepticism about its viability due to its scattered deposits and understanding of the business’ mining plans. Luke mentions that Core’s challenges have become more apparent, with reduced lithium output and increasing production costs. Despite this, he points out that Core’s valuation remains high, and this could still have further to fall.

Luke suggests that investors look to other options in the lithium space, stating that there are significant opportunities elsewhere but cautioning against settling for substandard projects. He particularly refers to the potential in Argentina, Germany and the James Bay region in Canada, claiming that there are excellent management teams and projects on a globally significant scale.

Finally, Luke explains that he doesn’t concern himself with the short-term fluctuations in the lithium prices, instead putting his attention on the contracted price, which he feels reveals a more accurate state of the lithium market.

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