Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

As operators ourselves, Seneca has a unique appreciation for the wealth management requirements of business owners and entrepreneurs. We are experienced in every aspect of partnering with founders, from sourcing growth and expansion capital through to facilitation of a complete or partial sale, IPO or managing business succession.

We also understand the importance of cash flow, liquidity, flexibility and diversification – assisting successful entrepreneurs in deploying excess savings to create multiple income streams, underwrite their lifestyle and ensure continuity for their family, regardless of the business conditions at work.

Case Studies

Dental Technology Industry

Our client is a 37-year-old founder and director of a dental laboratory business, designing and manufacturing industry-leading ‘all on 4’ dentures, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. The business operated in both Melbourne and Perth and generated more than A$2 million in profit each year. Through our network:

  • Introduced a larger east-coast competitor who acquired our clients’ business for cash and shares.
  • Introduced an experienced and expert corporate advisory team to assist our client with the transaction.
  • Managed and coordinated that advisory team, company, and personal accountants to ensure the optimal outcome for the business, the family and the founder in his new role.
  • Took an ongoing advisory role with the combined entities, advising and managing on financial restructuring, refinancing, strategic alignment, synergies and proposed future acquisitions.
  • In the process, helped our client realise substantial liquidity from his business and financial set his family up for the rest of their lives, while retaining majority interest and significant leverage to the future success of the combined group.

“Luke and the team at Seneca have been instrumental orchestrating almost every element of this transaction. When complexities or challenges arose, they were able to provide me with the personal support and professional expertise to make the required decisions with confidence and clarity. As a client, I look forward to them employing similar diligence and expertise in managing the wealth we’ve been fortunate enough to create for many years to come.”

Client who wishes to remain anonymous

Retired ASX Company Director

Our client was a non-executive director and significant shareholder of an ASX-listed company that was recently taken over. As a result of the transaction (and decades of patient, practical and highly concentrated investment) our client realised a substantial 8-figure pay-day.

Providing advice across multiple legal entities, we developed a comprehensive, tax-effective investment solution that was tailored to their requirements around lifestyle income, intergenerational wealth, and philanthropy. The client is invested in Australian and International Shares, Fixed Income securities, Real Assets and Absolute Return strategies with a goal of outperforming a portfolio of reference assets at a similar overall risk profile.

This solution requires no day-to-day investment decision-making or input from the client, but ensures they are optimally invested and taking advantage of relevant opportunities as they arise. This allows them to the freedom to prioritise their hobbies, family, travel and social life rather than worry about the value of their portfolio each and every day.

The client has elected for quarterly catch ups, but with the investments taken care of, these discussions are focused on administration or planning matters, as well as general performance review/investment outlook conversations. Seneca provides full transparency to the client on all transactions, holdings, and performance via the investor portal, 24/7/36


“As the CEO of one of Australia’s largest mining companies, and after having employed Luke in a previous role, I’ve been thrilled with the efficiency, capability and service-offering Seneca have been able to offer my SMSF. Relative to the conflicted banks and standard ‘stockbrokers’ they provide me with unique investment opportunities, considered financial advice and more importantly, really tailor their advice to my circumstances and investment preferences.”

Rob Bishop, CEO, New Hope Coal (ASX: NHC)